•  Client Testimonial:
    (Names have been changed to protect our clients’ identities.)

    You have no idea how much Polly (my bird), Snowball (my cat) and I appreciate the food you deliver to our home, and the kindness of your volunteers.  The loneliness we face daily, since the passing of my wife and their mommy, is almost always only relieved by the weekday visits your volunteers provide.  You deliver far more than just food to us. 

    Thank you so much for the cat food, Snowball really likes it.  Polly also enjoys the fruit and vegetables we share from my meals.  We are all eating a lot better since we started getting Meals On Wheels. 

    I hope you all realize how much you are appreciated, and how deeply you touch the lives of those you feed.  For some of us, you are our lifeline.

    From Polly, Snowball and I, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and may God bless you and your families.

    Our impact is not limited to our clients.

    Volunteer Testimonials: 

    When I retired and moved up here, I was still working part-time, but I wanted to get involved in volunteer work.  I was very excited to hear they had a Meals on Wheels in this area as I used to deliver in my hometown in New Jersey many years ago and knew it was such a great program.  Being a volunteer has been a blessing to me as well as to the folks who receive the meals.  They are always so grateful when you bring in their meal – some are at the table with fork in hand waiting!

    You can have fun when you team up with someone to deliver.  I always partner because we chat and it goes a little faster.  Then we go out for lunch after.  Last winter, my team member Pat and I helped a client get her decorations off her outside Christmas tree.  She wasn’t going inside until it was done and her fingers were absolutely frozen.  It was 10 degrees and she was in her slippers and night gown.  She was so thankful we helped her… but it was our pleasure to help her get back in the warm house!

    -- Nancy Bittner, Monroe County Meals on Wheels Volunteer Ambassador