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    Approximately 280 volunteers support Monroe County Meals on Wheels by giving more than 8,500+ hours and driving over 113,750 miles each year to this vital community effort. Last year volunteers delivered meals to 452 individual clients on 12 delivery routes throughout Monroe County. Delivery is typically done in pairs: one driver and one visitor.

    You can volunteer once a month, every other week, once a week, on a fixed day, seasonally, or  be on an "on-call" basis. Retirees, business owners, individuals who work from their homes, or those working non-traditional work hours make ideal Meals on Wheels volunteers. You are encouraged to pair up with others; however, we can match you with another volunteer. If you have children, bring them along!


    Drivers: Drivers use their own vehicles as part of a team responsible for delivering meals on a preplanned route. Drivers are responsible for maintaining their own mileage records for tax purposes.

    Visitors: Visitors assist the drivers by delivering the meals to the client. Additionally, visitors facilitate communication between the client and our office by hearing client concerns, providing a safety check, and offering some friendly conversation to brighten the client's day.

    Other: We also need assistance with fundraising activities, pet food drives, and emergency food bag packing. If you are unable to drive or deliver, let us know your special skills and we will see if we have an appropriate volunteer opportunity for you!


    All volunteers must provide us with the following:
    • A completed application form and Social Security number for a criminal background check.

    If they are driving; volunteers must also provide:
    • A copy of their valid Pennsylvania Driver’s license.
    • A copy of their automobile insurance declaration page
      indicating at least $100,000 / $300,000 liability insurance.

    These items must be updated annually.


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