• MCMOW Asks Help in Recruiting Volunteers

  • March 31, 2016

    Executive Director Heidi Fareri and Ambassador Nancy Bittner of the Monroe County branch of the Meals on Wheels organization spoke of the need to recruit volunteers during a Smithfield Township Board of Supervisors meeting on March 22.

    The organization, which began in 1972 serving 11 people, nowadays serves meals to more than 226 people over a given week.

    "We provide meals to those individuals who are unable to shop and prepare meals for themselves because of the physical or mental disabilities," Fareri said. "This means that we serve more than just older adults. We also serve younger adults who may be disabled or anybody who may be recuperating from illness or an injury."

    The food comes from the Northampton branch of Meals on Wheels, which has a large commercial kitchen that also provides food to the Lehigh Valley branch. Clients receive a hot meal in a tray and a cold meal for dessert.

    "The food is locally sourced with fruits and vegetables," said Fareri. "They work with butchers down in Lehigh Valley to make sure the food is appropriate. The nutrition of the food is determined by a registered dietitian, so it follows the guidelines for older adults' needs. It's low salt."

    Although many think the meals services are income based, Fareri insists that isn’t the case: $13.34 a day is the highest amount a client pays, and that's for two meals combined. The lowest a person pays is $1 a day for both meals. Fareri also says there are six clients who don't pay anything for their meals, because they're on a community service block grant.

    "They don't qualify for the area Agency on Aging because they're not 60 yet. So if you're in your 40s and you have some kind of physical disability and there's no other program to provide food for you; we try to get you on this community service block grant," Fareri said.

    There’s also a pet program for clients who can't afford to feed their loyal companions. The pet food comes from public donations. As of right now, the Monroe County branch only provides dog and cat food.

    Fareri also hopes to have gluten-free and vegetarian programs ready for clients by May.

    Also at the meeting, the Rev. Abner Fuentes and Surveyor Ray Rogers came to continue discussing the Mana Family Worship Center and its conditional use application to convert the barn on the Yetter property off Route 209 into a church. No decision was made and that deadline was extended to May 20.

    Smithfield resident Bob Paulus was also present at the meeting to complain about the condition of Mount Nebo Road which he said has a lot of pot holes and the sides are collapsing. According to Paulus, this is a problem that he's been trying to get notice from the township for the past three years. He is planning on getting signatures for a petition drive to present to the township.

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